Merry Christmas, incentives and some artwork

While being assigned (or better said, assigning myself pretty much) to help doing some Christmas decoration in the office for this end of year celebrations my team and I decided to go for a multi-cultural theme and mix a lot of different traditions and celebrations common to this time of the year: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa were our chosen ones.

There I went, getting my old days artistic me out of the closet and put it for better use. I used to love as a kid and most of my teenage years to work with a lot of graphical/artistic stuff, from simple drawings and sketches to painting and little sculpturing, not to mention the computer-aided designs and 3D models I played with when learning and working with Autodesk 3D Studio Max, and Corel (always liked their suite better than Adobe's) and Macromedia (that was long ago wasn't it?) Flash and the likes.

So one of my contributions to the decoration of our sector in the office was a 6ft tall construction paper Santa Claus with quite a little level of detail in it which I traced and drew out of a 100px bitmap into a simplified vector and then creating big puzzle pieces in 12x18" colored sheets of construction paper to get to the end result (see a little photo of it once stuck and hanging from the wall). In addition to that we threw in some creative Santa letters asking for some gift for Christmas, which I did, adding a little bit of of work and fun in there. See it below, hope you find it amusing:

Dear Santa,

Being a geek and all, you'll probably get a lot of gadget requests from me over the years (well maybe decades). I've been a very good and gentle boy this year, although sometimes it's really really hard. So considering that performance-evaluation-wise we're all good and I deserve my reward, and also keeping in mind, someone throughout the mail distribution chain will be able to read this too and reach out to give me a hand to achieving these lifetime goals, my wishlist is as follows:

  • the elixir of the long life, if not immortality, considering you might have direct access to it, being around for so long and all;
  • this might be a little too hard for you, considering you're old school and, if it was available,  I guess you'd be using it: teletransportation means (or at least the model of the year flying car, afterall it's almost 2011 for crying out loud!);
  • and last but not least, and especially me being in the incentives and recognition business for quite some time now, wouldn't this whole behave-get-rewarded little scheme of yours be in time for a revamp? Maybe have some intermediate milestones over the year, perhaps quarterly based? Rather than having kids send you their wishlist, considering you have access to all information, maybe just collect their wishes and watch for behaviour automatically redeeming their prize upon achieving of the milestones throught a major global reward provider such as GRG (company I work for) and be done with the xmas eve go around rush and logistic nightmare? Again, this would be so much more effective and fun for everybody to be engaged and behave according to expectations or even exceed them ;) think about it, will ya?

Sincerely (and hopeful), yours truly,

Roberto Andrade

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