Looking back 10 years

It is funny how the older you get the more you appreciate history and the experience you acquire over time. I guess it is just the natural course of human evolution in life and through the generations. I am no exception (although my whole statement is contradicted by some exceptional people I know and probably some of the ones you do).

This year of 2010, more than never, made me look back in time and analyze all I have gone through in my life both personal and professional. I am really fortunate to have had such enriching passages from family, schools, friends and work.

Celebrating my 10th anniversary working for my current employer (Grass Roots) certainly rings some bells, just like I anticipate already happening next year when I finally come to the great mark of 30 years of existence (thanks everybody for making it such a great run), hoping to hit 100 healthy and sound!

I think not merely as a coincidence, practically 1/3 of my life being already spent working for Grass Roots, the name certainly brings both the visual and symbolical reference in a moment such as this. I feel at this stage of my life and career like laying down on a massive field of grass, looking at the skies and clouds, trying to forget for a second all the technical stuff and worries of the day to day to appreciate how awesome all that I am and experienced is. My roots these days are felt and thought of at a constant rate, think of my country, my city, my family and friends (never thought I would miss the whole of Brazil as much as the most intimate of things from my past).

10 years ago as I do today, I always tried to exercise the practice of looking forward 10 years and trying to figure where I would be, what I would be doing and more importantly set goals around what I wanted out of life for the future. I never thought I would be where I am, that certainly exceeded all my expectations and I am so thankful for that and all that contributed to it.

Being a big fan of the 80's as many, the nostalgic feeling and appreciation for the things of the past, today manifest themselves a lot more in relation to my personal history just like my eighties-mania about all that happened in that decade from music to TV shows, consumer products and brands and all. 

Looking forward I feel already excited for how much more I am setting myself up to achieving and experiencing, taking all my past experiences and true friends I made along the way (so proud of having both my dad and mom, two great individuals in their own ways, my cloned brothers :), my super daughter, my gorgeous wife and so many of the amazing characters I grew to become so close and dearly devoted friend!). The present and the future (although blurry sometimes) look brighter and shinier and I am already thankful for all the experiences, good and bad that lay ahead. I am sure once I look back 10 years from now, I will not be less happy nor excited about the great deal of new phases life would have taken me.

I am finally putting this personal/professional portal of mine in place and hope to be continuously recording all my opinions, feelings and these very same experiences I talk about (both personal and professional) from now on so I can use some web-gigabytes to help store so many memories. Really happy for that!

Big thanks to all and everyone for all you've contributed and hope you enjoy the site, the reading and the sharing.

Keep on rocking!

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