Live from the Google AppEngine Cloud

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As of today, I am going live with an updated version of my portal, running off the Google AppEngine cloud! Really excited with the looks and features I was able to configure and hoping to consolidate my technology blog ( into the feeds here so I can have both a specific and generic repository of updates.

Putting together a new blog entry related to Android mobile development with some good materials resulting of some research I have been doing for a couple of months now and also based on some feedback I was able to contribute to a research company's survey on the industry and experts views. I will try and sync the tech blog with this so I don't need to be posting on both and whoever subscribes to either has the ability to see it. Hope the interested like it!

This new site centralizes all my contact info including social network links, so it's easier to reach me.  Keep in touch for news and interesting stuff I often post.

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