History of Late Night Talk Shows in the U.S.

As an analytical and visually oriented individual that I am, a curious mind, always interested in learning more about the science of technology as well as human life and behavior, I found myself watching some of my favorite TV shows the other day and thought:

This late night talk show TV scene has been pretty hectic here in the U.S. for the past few years, as far as the amount of host changes coming from other late night talk shows and all.

I then embarked a few hours journey on researching and reading on the history of what has happened in that segment of the entertainment market for the past 60 years or so. It is amazing to see how much data and history Wikipedia can hold on such a niche topic. Found some interesting patterns of both human behavior as well as business methods when it comes to strategy, management and marketing overall.

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Come the next 30!

A bit late but never too late! Blogging about the great celebration of my 30th birthday: Skydiving baby!

When people use the phrase "Sky is the limit", I never really thought how profound that really was as far as dimension of things, the sky is indeed something limitless. I had the opportunity of experiencing this first hand from very close.

I've always been a big fan of adventures and having a little rush of adrenaline here and there and really thought this would be the ultimate experience, a great way to close the cycle of my first 30 years of existence (not meant as a death prediction statement in any way). After trying this I really am of the opinion it is more of a meditation/spiritual experience than a crazy one to be honest.


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Merry Christmas, incentives and some artwork

While being assigned (or better said, assigning myself pretty much) to help doing some Christmas decoration in the office for this end of year celebrations my team and I decided to go for a multi-cultural theme and mix a lot of different traditions and celebrations common to this time of the year: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa were our chosen ones.

There I went, getting my old days artistic me out of the closet and put it for better use. I used to love as a kid and most of my teenage years to work with a lot of graphical/artistic stuff, from simple drawings and sketches to painting and little sculpturing, not to mention the computer-aided designs and 3D models I played with when learning and working with Autodesk 3D Studio Max, and Corel (always liked their suite better than Adobe's) and Macromedia (that was long ago wasn't it?) Flash and the likes.

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Live from the Google AppEngine Cloud

image post

As of today, I am going live with an updated version of my portal, running off the Google AppEngine cloud! Really excited with the looks and features I was able to configure and hoping to consolidate my technology blog (http://techno.berto.me) into the feeds here so I can have both a specific and generic repository of updates.

Putting together a new blog entry related to Android mobile development with some good materials resulting of some research I have been doing for a couple of months now and also based on some feedback I was able to contribute to a research company's survey on the industry and experts views. I will try and sync the tech blog with this so I don't need to be posting on both and whoever subscribes to either has the ability to see it. Hope the interested like it!

This new site centralizes all my contact info including social network links, so it's easier to reach me.  Keep in touch for news and interesting stuff I often post.

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Cisco Cius Unofficial Skin for Google Android Emulator

Technoberto - Roberto Andrade Techn0bert0.me@RobertoAndrade.com

For those that are anticipating the release of Cisco Cius (more info at Cisco.com) for some cool Android-based app deployment it might be a bit frustrating to wait until end of September 2010 to get access to Cisco's emulator image alongside the Cius skin (according to their CDN page on Cius: http://developer.cisco.com/web/ciusdev/start).

Well, that was the case for me at least, so after hours searching the web and checking out different developers' blogs and noticing everybody keeps pointing at Cisco's release notes, which just builds upon the expectations, I decided to go ahead and create the bare minimum you will need to get your app tested in the standard Google Android emulator (using Froyo as image - Android 2.2): the Cisco Cius Skin.

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