Ok, it was about time, I know...

Technoberto - Roberto Andrade Techn0bert0.me@RobertoAndrade.com

So it took me a long while to finally set it up and get something going, I guess I can blame it on work but again, I should make time regardless of that.

So it's done, up and running and integrated with my new short-name domain (http://ro.berto.me) and  part of my personal portal http://www.robertoandrade.com/. Also linked to my profiles on different social networks so you can reach me easily.

I hope I can keep up with the postings and that everybody finds something of interest in here.

Let's keep on bloggin'!


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Time management vs Shakespeare

"To be or not to be", to do or not do, oh philosophical inquiry that some will pose in particular moments in life... I myself dwell constantly with the challenge of balancing work and life especially in the sense of time.

I considering myself to be quite obsessive when it comes to doing something, more importantly doing things the "right way" and to completion, and that more often than not takes time, sometimes a lot of time. On the other hand I try to balance that obsession with an urge to offset the amount of time spent doing or thinking about work and related subjects. Trying to do things to entertain yourself and the ones around you, socialize, exercise, etc. all very important things to do to compose your being, but again, also take time, important time.

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Looking back 10 years

It is funny how the older you get the more you appreciate history and the experience you acquire over time. I guess it is just the natural course of human evolution in life and through the generations. I am no exception (although my whole statement is contradicted by some exceptional people I know and probably some of the ones you do).

This year of 2010, more than never, made me look back in time and analyze all I have gone through in my life both personal and professional. I am really fortunate to have had such enriching passages from family, schools, friends and work.

Celebrating my 10th anniversary working for my current employer (Grass Roots) certainly rings some bells, just like I anticipate already happening next year when I finally come to the great mark of 30 years of existence (thanks everybody for making it such a great run), hoping to hit 100 healthy and sound!

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